Server Rules

  1. Chat
    1.1 Spamming
    > Sending the same message(s) multiple times within a short amount of time
    > Sending a lot of messages within a short amount of time
    1.2 Flooding
    > Spamming the chat with stuff to fill it up
    1.3 Begging
    > Constantly asking for free stuff

  2. NSFW Content
    2.1 NSFW Message
    > Keep it clean, but swearing is a allowed
    2.2 NSFW ASCII
    > Don't send any NSFW ascii text/art
    2.3 NSFW Building
    > Don't build NSFW stuff on your plot

  3. Promotion/Advertising
    3.1 Self Promotion
    > Don't promote your channel(s) or social media without our permission
    3.2 Advertising
    > Don't advertise your own or someone others discord/Minecraft server, or channel(s)/social media
    3.3 Dm/msg Advertising
    > Don't dm people to follow you or join something

  4. Disrespect
    4.1 Member Disrespect
    > Positive energy, treat with respect
    4.2 Staff Disrespect
    > Staff are only doing what they get told to do, don't be mad at them for doing their job(s)
    4.3 Harassment
    > Sending stuff to someone even though they tell you to stop
    > Doing stuff even though someone told you to stop
    4.4 Toxicity
    > Don't be toxic to someone, if someone or something bothers you, ignore it or take a break and do something else to calm down
    4.5 Threats
    > Don't threaten anybody, no matter what happens
    4.6 Racism/Sexism
    > No racism, sexism, extremism or any other kind of hateful speech or topics is allowed on the server

  5. Exposing/Doxing/DDoSing
    5.1 Dox Threat(s)
    > Don't threaten to leak someone's personal info
    5.2 Doxing
    > Don't leak someone's personal info
    5.3 DDoS Threat(s)
    > Don't threaten to DDoS someone
    5.4 DDoSing
    > Don't DDoS someone

  6. Boosting:
    6.1 Boosting (other)
    > Don't give someone a lot of stuff to help them progress as a high rate
    6.2 Boosting (self)
    > Same as 6.1 but with your own alt instead of another player
    6.3 Account Sharing
    > Don't share your main or alt account(s) with someone else

  7. Alts:
    7.1 To Many Alts
    > Don't have more than 2 accounts on the same IP
    7.2 Punishment Evasion
    > Don't try to avoid a punishment using an alt

  8. Hacking/Exploiting
    8.1 Nuker/Autominer
    > Don't use nuker/autominer or any other kind of program that will automate stuff for you
    8.2 Combat Hacks
    > Don't use any kind of program to give yourself an unfair advantage while pvping like kill aura, reach or auto clicker
    8.3 Crasher/Lagger
    > Don't try to crash or lag the server
    8.4 Exploiting Bugs
    > Don't exploit bugs or glitches
    8.5 Hacked Client
    > Don't use any kind of hacked client

  9. Loopholes:
    9.1 Loopholes
    > Don't try to use loopholes to avoid punishments