Terms of service:
By purchasing anything from the store, no matter the value or quantity, you agree to the following:

Privacy Policy:
We will not share any personal information given at checkout, and the only info being stored is the name associated with your payment account and the payment method used.
This information is ONLY used if you ever experience a problem when buying something and require support, meaning that we can check the info to make sure its legit.
We will not tell other players who bought what or how much someone spent on the store, the only questions about other users we will answer is if the information is necessary for a player to know (ex. I saw "player" fly and I don't think he have fly time or fly = we will see if the player bought fly and then say yes or no)

Refund Policy:
We do not offer any kind off refund, no matter how much or when or by who, refunds wont be given, and if you try to chargeback after buying something or open a dispute via PayPal, you will be blacklisted from the store for breaking our terms of service.
If you have a issue with a purchase, please contact the manager or the owner and they will look into it and offer a replacement if needed.

If you decide to buy something from the store, after the purchase is completed, what you do with the items is up to you.
This means that if you buy keys, you are allowed to give them to random people since you paid for it.
However, this doesn't mean you can buy something from the store and then resell it, doing this will result in a ban from our store

We accept credit/debit card and PayPal, and some other options which can be viewed at checkout.
Everything in the store will automatically include tax when bought, meaning that the price you see is the actual price you pay.
You don't have to worry about hidden fees when buying from our store, and if there ever is a fee its from the payment provider and you will see it.
If you have any questions about a payment method, contact the manager or the owner, or open a ticket in our Discord.

If you need any support regarding a issue, contact the manager or the owner, or open a ticket in our Discord.